Marine Surveys by Ulrick Marine, Charles W. Ulrick, SAMS® AMS®, Holland, Pennsylvania, USA Ulrick Marine
Holland Pennsylvania, Rock Hall Maryland, Ocean City New Jersey
Serving The US East Coast

Charles W. Ulrick, SAMS® AMS®

Senior Marine Surveyor - 215-416-9349

Kyle W. Ulrick, SAMS® SA
Marine Surveyor - 215-768-1267

Equipment Used in Performing Marine Surveys
GE Aquant Moisture Meter GE Aquant moisture meter
Electrophysics GRP 33 Moisture Meter GE Aquant moisture meter
Tramex Skipper moisture meter Tramex Skipper moisture meter
Craftsman Infrared Thermometer Craftsman Infrared Thermometerr
Pro Laser Photo Tachometer Pro Laser Photo Tachometerr
Phenolic Hammer Phenolic Hammeer
Milwaukee Snake Camera Milwaukee Snake Camera
Oil Sample Testing Kit (Tech 5) Oil Sample Testing Kit
Compression Tester (Snap-On) Compression Tester
Dial Indicator (Craftsman) Dial Indicator
TechMate Scanner TechMate Scanner
Pentax WG2 Camera Pentax WG2 Camera
Garmin Hand Held GPS Garmin Hand Held GPS
Fluke Multimeter Fluke Multimeter

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